Who is eligible to be a client of Care & Repair in Powys?

  • Residents of Powys
  • People aged 60 or over
  • People who are homeowners or private tenants


What difference do we make for our clients?

  • In 2014/15 we assisted 2,087 individuals.
  • The average age of our clients is 75 years old and 12% of the people we helped were aged 90 years or over.
  • In 2014/15 we helped 111 people return to their home from hospital and we completed work that prevented 1,178 hospital admissions.
  • We assisted 1,519 clients to reduce or prevent their chance of falls.
  • 164 clients had their personal safety and home security improved.
  • Through our direct help in obtaining additional welfare benefits, we increased 56 clients’ income by a combined total of £164,903 per year
  • We raised £36,509 of benevolent funding for our clients towards the cost of building works.