The Rapid Response Adaptation Programme (RRAP) aims to ensure that older people who are waiting to be discharged from hospital have a safe home to return to.


The scheme also helps in preventing hospital admissions by addressing the problems of a home that is no longer safe or appropriate for older people without risk of falls or injuries.

To obtain grant assistance from the Rapid Response Adaptation Programme, referrals must come from an occupational therapist, health or social services professional, or from a Care and Repair Caseworker.

If you are referred for help through RRAP you will not be charged. Eligibility for the Rapid Response Adaptation Programme may alter during the course of the year depending upon resources available and current waiting lists, so that clients who are most in need of our help and assistance are helped first.


Examples of types of work involved are:

  • Hand rails/ Grab rails
  • Temporary or permanent ramps
  • Access to toilet facilities
  • Repositioning of Light Switches/sockets
  • Provision of stair rails
  • Steps and half steps
  • Door entry Systems
  • Assistive Technology
  • Repair to stair tread / timber floors
  • Levelling concrete floors
  • Improve Lighting interior/exterior
  • Heating Repairs to main living areas
  • Fitting carpet strips
  • Relaying paving stones
  • Additional Sockets
  • Telephone Extensions